Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some Discussion

I got nothing for content - maybe some links?

Should I have an opinion on Elliot Spitzer? He's in NY, I'm not, so maybe I shouldn't care. Though I'm inclined to this opinion: prosecutors who rise to power don't do it by doing anything admirable - they play to the cameras, and woe to anyone who crosses them. I someone like that screws up like this, they deserve what they get. And they do seem to screw up a lot - Giuliani was just as bad...

Still, there's not much point in caring. I't not a NY voter. Though if I were, I 'd have to vote Kant - his argment against Nietzsche (helpfully posted at Pilgrim Akimbo is all too appropriate: he's not a whore-mongering atheist...

While over there - check out the personal libraries post. If a personal library says anything about you - what it says about me is, You Have Too Many Books! I've been rearranging things chez moi - creates some ugly in between points:

All right. Let's end with a couple film related links. As always, when in doubt, head to Girish - right now, you'll find a discussion of experimental cinema (and Pedro Costa, in the comments). Lots more Pedro Costa at Unspoken Cinema and The Evening Class. And Bordwell, of course: the whole front page is good, especially the Minding Movies and Bob Clampett posts.

And - I've been monkeying around with the template, to get that shot from Robin Hood up there. I'll close with a shot from another DVD I recently picked up:

Isn't that gorgeous?

UPDATE: I want to add: there are more Robin Hood pictures and an appreciation at my blog. I'm not sure yet how they should interact - that might be the sort of thing to cross post. Also, I changed the size of the pictures here, to get them to look a bit better. And here's another one, to see how scope looks:

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FilmieGirl said...

Here's what I know about Eliot Spitzer, and if you're a democrat, you should have an opinion on him: how he let the democratic party down.

He was a rising star, an unbelievably strong and effective leader. You know how politicians promise things and never follow through? Not Eliot Spitzer. He made promises and worked like a dog and finished the job he promised to start. He was dogged against corruption, bringing people to justice. He was honorable and right.

And then he goes and does this STUPID, STUPID thing. You can't rail against prostitution while using one. I mean, come on, I don't give a crap if he was self-destructive, that's obvious, but he didn't just self-destruct, he took away a politician from the democratic party--someone we've been investing in. And THAT ain't right. He would have been a very strong presidential candidate, and he probably would have made a hell of a president.

And you know what bothers me about it? I could give a crap if he goes to a prostitute. Personally, I think it should be legal. But, from the info that has come out, I have a feeling he asked them not to use condoms--and THAT is unforgivable. Both to the prostitute and his wife. I pray they weren't having sex anymore.