Thursday, March 27, 2008

Richard Widmark

More bad news: Richard Widmark has died, aged 93. He left a couple iconic roles - Tommy Udo, one of the screen's great villains; Skip McCoy, the pickpocket caught in international espionage, in Sam Fuller's great Pickup on South Street... and he was good everywhere, livening the screen when he appeared on it.

It reminds me of the last I saw him in - a reel of Two Rode Together - a John Ford western featuring Widmark and Jimmy Stewart rescuing white captives from Comanche.... it was shown as part of a program of "pink films" - color films gone bad.... this film had washed out to pink, but left patches of other colors - a green lamp; the yellow in Widmark's lieutenant bars - that pushed those objects out of the screen - it looked like an Ozu film! Anyway - I don't now if the film itself is any good - it looked like there was going to be a lot of forced banter and conflict between the leads, with no one believing a word of it... but I wish I had seen the rest, just to watch Widmark and Stewart together in a John Ford film.

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