Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Swedish films

Roughly translated as "great in building", or what some would say is Sweden's version of "Fawlty Towers", this is a musical-comedy made in the 60s about a couple enterprising young entrepreneurs starting up a business in a small town, who are by happenstance blessed with good singing voices. I'm especially fond of Thore Skogman; I love how well he annunciates his lyrics.

Then three middle-aged curmudgeons come in to try and ruin the fun. And they provide most of the comedy. I'm not sure if they're mean old developers or government officials, because the DVD doesn't have English subtitles.

But it's got a lot of good music in it, which is the important thing--including an appearance by none other than the......Strolling Stones. Ha!

There's a lot of reading between the lines necessary in viewing this film, that is, if you don't understand Swedish. But being that its comedy is mostly of slapstick variety, it makes it a bit easier to follow along with the action, than if it were say, an Ingmar Bergman film.

There's a really cool webstore called, that has a lot of Swedish stuff marketed to English-speaking customers. -Antonioni fan

Not from this film, but here's Thore Skogman in another:

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Who knew Goldie Hawn did Swedish films?