Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Don LaFontaine, voice of movie trailers, dies

Don LaFontaine dies.

Hi Everyone:

Been busy with school and summer vacation, but I come here and read your excellent posts.

I thought you'd be interested in the above obituary. I can't tell if he's the guy with the REALLY low raspy voice or not. I youtubed him, and I couldn't tell. I think it's him. The guy I am thinking of totally dominates trailers.



FunkiFilmiGirl said...

Darn. Sorry I didn't do the link correctly.

weepingsam said...

His voice is totally ubiquitous. It's odd - I remember him more for the lame ones - the dull Euro-art films and third rate thrillers and oscar bait - then for the good films. Like the ones Glenn Kenny singles out. (Actually, I guess that post is Aaron Aradillas...) All the "In a world..." jokes - those came from the forgettable films, the purple prose trying to cover up for the inanity of what was advertised. But with good copy? the body count in Friday 13th, or just describing the Godfather films? that's good stuff, and he could sell it...