Monday, May 26, 2008

Cannes Results

This year's Cannes film festival is done: winners are up - Greencine has them all, competition and otherwise Un Certain Regard ; Critics Week; FIPRESCHI.

And now we wait for distribution. I've put up a poll - which of the award winners are you looking forward to seeing most? Or are you looking forward to films that didn't win awards - A Christmas Tale (Desplechins)? The Headless Woman (Lucretia Martel)? 24 Cty (Jia Jiang-ke)? Tokyo! (Michel Gondry, Leos Carax & Bong Joon-ho)? Kung Fu Panda?

Let me update with a link to Glenn Kenny's roundup of award winners.

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Mike Doc said...

Awardless and mixed-reviewed though it may be, I'm still looking forward to Atom Egoyan's "Adoration". Fractured timelines and Arsinee Khanjian are my idea of heaven. And "Ararat", which I loved, got similar reactions, so I have hope.

I look forward to anything by the Dardennes, and the Eastwood film sounds swell. Seems like "Un Conte de Noel" met with unanimous praise, so that's one to see.

No matter how grim a portrait the critics paint of this crop of films...I'm still gonna see 'em. Funny thing, that.