Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Happy April Fool's day! It is a Happy Day indeed - Fafblog has returned, if only for the day. If that means nothing to you, I'm not sure I can explain.

Another marker of the seasons might be the return of that very hardy perennial, the Argument about Auteurism: here hosted by Girish, which may help ensure a higher light to heat ratio than usual. Though I'm soon to join in, which is bound to dissipate much of the energy.

I don't know if I should add this or not - but I helped play an excellent April Fool's day prank on myself today. A co-worker came complaining, "My mouse does not work!" I supplied her with a new mouse - it still did not work. "Hey," I said, observant as they come, "your keyboard isn't working either!" It was not. So we plugged things into various USB ports, but no changes. So we took the laptop out of the dock and lugged in the keyboard and mouse - Worked like a charm! So I said, "This is a problem with your docking station - you have to call the Help Desk!" She grew petulant. But she called the help desk. The support fellow went through all the basics, having her try things in different ports, coming in remotely to check the drivers. She scowled. She put the man on mute - thus saving some small trace of dignity in this saga - and says to me, "he's having me check all the plugs! We already did that!" I said, " they have to go through the kabuki; when he's done he'll send you a replacement." She said, "I know, but it's a waste of time - I told him - I work for IT!"... Anyway - he finished the kabuki - he said he'd send her a replacement. I went away.... Some time later, another coworker went by and heard all the complaining, and kindly offered to track down an extra dock while the sufferer was waiting for the replacement. She then leaned over the desk and said - I am told: "Where's the power cord?"

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